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We are dedicated to making Pet Planet a place where your pets will be completely taken care of as we take care of our own.  Our vision of our pet hotel includes offering luxurious accommodations to your pets that focus on the quality of the service instead of the quantity of pets we service.  We strive to offer increased comfort and peace of mind.  


Our mission is to keep your pet as comfortable and happy as possible while they are away from you.  We train all our team members to remember that our four legged client is priority, second only to their pet parent.  



Phone:  575-528-8180

Fax:  575-404-7802

Non emergency text: 855-705-2201

Email for Administration:


Email for Service Inquiries:



MON-FRI 7:00am TO 7:00pm 

SAT 7:00am TO 3:00pm 

SUN 3:00pm TO 5:00pm

(pick up/drop off only)


David Garcia

It is a blessing and a special gift to work with animals on a daily basis.  I seek to meet their needs and comfort by enhancing their quality of care.  I have always believed in treating each dog as a special and unique member of a family.  

As a teenager, I worked in a veterinary facility for over four years.  While attending NMSU, majoring in Animal Science, I began working as an Animal Control Officer.  During these three years, I encountered many unwanted or uncared for pets, which led me to seek the more positive side of the animal world.   Therefore, I decided to follow my entrepreneurial calling and open a mobile pet grooming company which my wife and I have operated since 2006.  

Juliana Garcia 

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a dog in my family.  However, what I find most rewarding is witnessing people who never thought they would adopt a pet become responsible owners. Perhaps because of my counseling background, I am a huge believer in the benefits of having a pet as a family member.  Given proper care, they can provide immeasurable peace and unconditional love. 





Are you interested in working with us?  

Please call us or email us your resume!  We always keep them on file for future reference. Thank you for considering working on our team!    


Pet Specialists 

Our Pet Specialists are present with all our guests as they play, sleep, eat, socialize, observe, etc.  It is incredibly important that we pick experienced, kind, and clever team members!  

Andres, Angel, Lilynn, Branson, Dominic, Kalib- thank you for all your love towards our guests!



Our Receptionists are most often the first to greet you and your pet family and we truly enjoy this!  That is because we get to see all the happy and excited pets as they come and go!  

Karen, Sam, and Melina - Thank you for all your incredible multitasking! 


Our Groomers provide a one on one pampering experience to your pets.  Because our clients are usually Day Campers or Boarders who have had time to settle in, they are more comfortable and trusting of the sometimes scary grooming duties.  


Bootcamp Handlers

Our Bootcamp Handlers are the kindest and most understanding "Officers" you will ever meet!  These experienced members are here to provide your pet a guided experience in our Bootcamp Packages for either basic behaviors (sit, stay, etc) or more advanced tricks.  




971 Sand Castle Ave


Las Cruces, NM 88012



Pet Planet Complex, LLC

Established 2014

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