For your own pet's digestive comfort, we request that you bring their own food.  We do have food available upon request if necessary (please see extra services).  

You are also welcome to bring a toy, blanket, or comfort item from home for your pet's stay. 

The forms we require are under the "Forms" tab at the top of this site. You may also register online using our Online Portal Link below.



Phone:  575-528-8180

Fax:  575-404-7802



MON-FRI 7:00 to 7:00 

SAT 7:00 to 3:00

SUN 3:00 to 5:00 (pick up/drop off only)




All overnight stays include comfortable beds, elevated bowls, belly rubs, bedtime cookie, at least 2 outdoor play times, fresh water, calming music, individual drains, flat screen tvs (select suites), webcams (select suites), and medication administration (if needed). Siblings lodging together receive a 25% discount per guest. SCROLL DOWN FOR DAY CAMP PRICES

KING SUITES $45/day (for first dog)

Indoor and private outdoor access, flat screen tv, webcams (remote viewing from your phone or computer), and tempered glass doors (no cages). These suites are very large and can easily accommodate two large dogs or several smaller dog and have a weight capacity of 150-200 lbs. (Suggested dogs: Mastiff, Great Dane, 2 Labradors, 2 German Shepherds, Doberman, etc)

QUEEN SUITES $40/day (for first dog)

Indoor access only, tempered glass doors (no cages). These suites are designed for medium to large dogs and have a weight capacity of 50-60 lbs. (Suggested dogs: Labrador, Blue Heeler, Golden Retriever, 2 Boxers, 2 Bulldogs, etc.)

STANDARD SUITES $35/day (for first dog)

Indoor only access and tempered glass doors (no cages). These suites are designed for one medium dog or two small/medium dogs and have a weight capacity of 30-45 lbs. (Suggested dogs: Boxer, Collie , Bulldog, Pointer, 2 Mini Poodles, 2 Boston Terriers, etc)

MINI KING SUITES $30/day (for first dog)

Indoor with private outdoor access. These suites are designed for small dogs and have a weight capacity of 25 lbs. (Suggested dogs: Boston Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, Miniature Poodle, Maltese, Pug, Dachshund, etc.)

MINI QUEEN SUITES $30/day (for first dog)

Indoor access only. These suites are designed for small dogs and have a weight capacity of 25 lbs. (Suggested dogs: Boston Terrier, Bichon Frise, Maltese, Pug, Miniature Poodles, Dachshund, etc.)

CAT CONDOS $25/day (for first cat)

Indoor access only, windows for viewing, scratch post, elevated bowls, and therapeutic beds. These suites are designed as multilevel (spans 8 ft high) which allow for ledges and separate kitty liter pans.


Basic Wash
Basic wash on the day of their departure. Chances are, your pet has had a lot of fun playing during their stay, let us take care of the cleaning up. Prices vary depending on size and length/type of hair of dog.

$20 - $50

It's always best to keep your pet on the same diet they have at home, but if you forget their food, no need to worry we will provide it.


Brush Out

$10 - $15

Ear Cleaning




Gland Expression


Nail Grind


Nail Polish


Nail Trim


Teeth Brushing


Undercoat Removal

$10 - $15


Separate large and small dog play areas which include a wading pool, a water park, and climbing tires and tunnels. Must be spayed or neutered.



Indoor rest area, outdoor play areas with a water fun feature and play equipment, outdoor shade areas, and lots of fun. This package includes 6 days a week.


Day Camp Pass
This pass is valid for 5 visits ($15/visit) and is great for the dog who loves to visit us less frequently (perhaps once a week, once a month, etc). Additional passes also available (10 visits-$150, 15 visits-$225, etc).


Indoor Day Camp
For an extra $5 a day, we can bring your dog inside to our Gardens area for Indoor Day Camp. This is ideal if your dog just got a bath and you don't want them getting dirty again before you pick them up!


Playtime with Ninja (Cats Only)
Want your cat to get some socialization while they are boarding with us overnight? Then we can give your cat some playtime with Ninja: our office kitty!


Massage Session


Private Lesson (15 min) or (30 min)
If you would like your pet to have a one on one session with one of our Pet Specialists then you can add it to your reservation! We offer 15 minute or 30 minute sessions!

$10 - $20

If you need help getting your pet to and from our facility then we can help with that! As long as you live within a 7 mile radius then we can offer you Trans-paw-tation One Way for $15 or Round Trip for $25!

$15 - $25

If your pet is used to taking a walk then we can take them on a 30 minute walk for $7.50 each day while they board with us!



Receive one free day when your pet stays 11 days or more. For every 11 days, only pay for 10! Get the 11th day free! For example, one dog in the King Suite staying for 22 days would receive a discount of $90.00 !


Active duty personnel and seniors 65 and over will receive 10% off of their pet's stay! Only one discount per stay will be applied.

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Other Species

If you have another species of pet besides a dog or a cat that you would like to board with us, then just give us a call or email us for more information. Prices vary per species depending on the type of care and housing necessary to board them. 

* Please note that we do charge boarding per business day as opposed to charging per night. For example: If you were to drop off on a Friday and pick up on a Sunday, you would be charged for 3 days. If you do not want to be charged for the last day of boarding, you can pick up before 10 am and not be charged for that day. The only day we do not offer Early Pick Ups are on Sundays.*




971 Sand Castle Ave


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